One thought on “Our game

  1. Good work Aly and Khaled. The game is interesting and the scenarios are different from each other. A couple of small improvements:
    1. For the individual athlete, sometimes you give a consequence only on the athletic element and sometimes only on the academic dimension – you need to clarify consequences for both.
    2. For both pathways, there are sometimes unethical decisions that have good outcomes. While this is realistic (keep it), you need to maybe introduce an element of potential guilt, or other people finding out you lied, you know? Like your teammates, coach, teachers, etc.
    3. For accessibility, the WebAIM color contrast checker will show you that the color scheme you’re using, with links being dark pink on a white background, is inaccessible – you need to change that to some more accessible color. Find out how to do this quickly from the template so you don’t have to do it one by one
    4. At the end of the game, ask the player if they want to try again and start from the beginning or exit.
    5. Several times within the game you can tell the players are doing watersports, but you never explicitly say that – could you clarify early on that the individual sport is e.g. short-distance swimming and the team sport water polo… or whatever it is…


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